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Marshmallow Sponge Shape 1


(3 customer reviews)

The Original shape Marshmallow Sponge now named as ‘Marshmallow Shape 1’. The multi purpose shape that can help deliver flawless results in seconds. Used best for under the eye concealer & powder, foundation & cream contour. This shape has a round end with a tip on the other side to give you complete control over your makeup no matter the step in your routine.

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The original Marshmallow shape, best used for concealer, foundation, powder & cream contour.

3 reviews for Marshmallow Sponge Shape 1

  1. Brooke

    literal game changer, applied so smoothly!

  2. Lilly

    Love mine! And at such an affordable price.

  3. Sammy

    Love mine so much, applies my foundation and contour like a dream!
    Made me even more excited when I found out it was made so close to home!

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